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Swan Lake Ranch

Acres: 2,700 +/- acres
County: Jackson , TX
Nearest Town: Edna
Terrain: Mostly flat with elevations between sea level and 36'
Trees: Cedar, Elm, Oak, Ash, Hackberry, Yaupon
Grasses: Wild Rye, Mustang, Johnson, Ragweed, numerous others
Water: Swan Lake, Lavaca River, Huisache Creek
Wildlife: Extensive wildlife inclusive of migratory birds
Total Price: $33,000,000

Remarks: Swan Lake is approximately 2700 acres located between Lake Texana and Lavaca Bay on the Texas Coast with frontage on the Lavaca River and Swan Lake. This unique property has diversified land characteristics with highland topography, hardwood trees and coastal wetlands and major river and lake frontage. Dating back to 1866, the original Swan Lake Property was comprised of approximately 25,000 acres and the 2700 acres which currently comprise the Swan Lake Preserve property is the largest in tact tract of the original 25,000 acres which is still owned by the original family members and this portion of the original property has never been offered for sale. SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

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